Friday, April 25, 2008

"...contemplating the dismal rain in a very desponding state of mind"

The low level of productivity from last week continued throughout the week and into this, much to my disgust. Some factors were beyond my control, including the MatchBox 20 concert which I went to in the Hunter Valley, which was excellent, although little soggy. A lot of negativity was flying around in my head towards it all at the beginning of this week. Thankfully I snapped out of it, I think a night of laughing my head off at Ross Noble was very beneficial, perhaps I can write the ticket off as a study expense?? Further inspired by the promise of a night in at a friends place with a few bottles of wine I eventually got moving, finishing my chapter, a grant application. I also started working on a chapter outline for the thesis as a whole, as well as mapping out the movements of my families on google maps. It is very interesting and helpful to have a visual of their movements and the distances between those at war and those left at home.

I also got word that I was accepted for a Masterclass in June to be held at the University of Tasmania, which will be nerve wracking as I think it is only for 20 people, but also hopefully very useful.

I have no cooking to report, having somehow managed not to be in for dinner at all this week. I did make a Lime Yogurt Poppy seed cake at the end of last week, which is an old favourite. My tin had been giving me grief on previous outings so I buttered and floured it and the cake obligingly slid out. The icing was a little thin, but all in all it was good. I will have to do some baking this weekend as I am going into withdrawals.



mscrankypants said...

Congratulations on being accepted for the masterclass!

That is a fine looking cake :-).

HH said...

Thanks msC!

SSS said...

I see what you're doing here. It's a blog about cakes. I like it.

Foodycat said...

Well done on the masterclass!

HH said...

Well, in a way it is about cakes, as cakes are about as exciting and productive as I get, but I will try and make things a bit more rounded, if something interesting happens!

Thanks fc :)