Sunday, May 11, 2008

" though perfectly convinced of the fact, it is yet almost incredible to myself"

I have had a reasonably good week with research and reading for my chapter. I feel I am starting to understand the Captain whom I am writing on, and have a sense of his family and the world around him. I read some great material, which to me is perfect, completely summing up what I have been thinking and trying to articulate. In one letter to his wife lamenting his time away from home and his desire to do something honourable so he can discharge his duty and return to his wife he writes; "But do not be alarmed, my dearest L___; ambition will not overcome my love". This tiny phrase almost had me jumping up and down. It is what I have been trying to articulate to my supervisor and myself for months, and here it is, written and waiting. I know I have to take this with a grain of salt, and that he was writing in a style to comfort his wife, but it is perfect all the same! So good in fact, I am worried it is too good to be true.

I realise that I am slowly turning into a kooky historian who gets overly excited about the smallest things. I am currently building up my supply of quirky earrings and clothes so that when the transformation is complete, I will be ready. I do apologise for my rambling.

To make up for it, I made a cake. Although FatCouriers services have been employed, their record for delivery stands against them. I made a Lemon Meringue Cake today, lemon curd and all. I almost lost the top when I was carrying it to the table as I hadn't pushed it down enough and the curd was a bit slippery. Disaster was thankfully averted.



mscrankypants said...

Fat Couriers specialises in transporting citrus-based desserts, coincidentally enough, um, quickly, safely, reliably *cough cough cough*.

If my slice doesn't arrive, any chance of the recipe???

Jacki said...

YUM! That cake looks wonderful! And as a kooky researcher, I join in your rejoicing for a quote which crystallises an issue!

Foodycat said...

That's another Nigella effort isn't it? Looks just gorgeous!

You really have to try that marmalade one of mine though. Up there with the best cakes I have ever, ever made!

SSS said...

Amazing cake. And I'm with Jacki on the quote.

HH said...

Thanks ladies! It is a Nigella one, from Feast, I will post the recipie tomorrow.

I am very keen to make the marmalade one, the only reason I didn't make it was because my mum isn't a big fan of marmalade, and it was mothers day afterall.

I had meeting with my supervisor today and she was equally excited about the crystalising quote, good meeting all in all!

brensoft said...

I'm still waiting for my piece to arrive... damn couriers! *shakes fist*