Thursday, May 21, 2009

"My feelings will not be repressed"

Three times in one week! I think this is a record for me!

I had my annual review this morning, and all my anxiety regarding it was relatively unfounded, and while it wasn't "wow! you are amazing" it was good and I will consider the comments of my reader. Some of the comments were a bit strange, but she suggested I needed to take a step back from the material and not get too caught up in the story. I think the story is the best part, and I can't help feeling for them, as I am feeling some very similar things myself at the moment as the long-distance thing continues. Obviously we are not at war, and Mr A isn't fighting or even in the Navy, but the similarities are there. I have also managed to convince them that I am on track to submit next year, which is good. Now I just have to convince myself!

In more exciting things, and continuing with the chocolate theme, I made some delicious muffins earlier in the week. I have decided that they are to be called "Chocolate Brownie Muffins" as I kind of made them up.

Following a basic Muffin recipe (Plain flour, bi-carb, 2 eggs, 125 ml oil) I added 100g dark brown sugar, a block of dark chocolate, melted, a tbs milk, a few oats and a packet of dark chocolate chips. Baked for 20 min and cooled in the tin. ( I tried to take one out earlier and it wasn't firm enough). They probably would have benefited from some walnuts, but very delicious and not too sweet.



Foodycat said...

Fine looking muffins!

Do you write proper letters to Mr A? You should.

HH said...

Thanks FC.

I have sent him some cards, but we email. I agree that we should send real letters too, perhaps I will write one tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Very pleased to hear that the review went well. Was a certain slightly scarier academic...less scary?

HH said...

If you are talking about D jacqui, then he was not scary at all. All he said was "Hello E" and "who are your supervisors" and when I said "C&C" he said "oh good" and proceeded to read the paper of the person who was coming next. The other person drank his coffee and said nothing!

Anonymous said...

Ah...right...that's...not helpful. (Not really his area I suppose, but still. Scary as he can be, he is often insightful).

HH said...

Yes, some insight would have been nice, even if it was only methodological or something. I guess silence is better than scary comments though.