Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Pavlova and the misadventure continues

I was feeling very unmotivated for Christmas this year, and whilst several batches of mince pies did make me feel a bit more festive, nothing could persuade me to make a proper boiled pudding this year. Instead I resorted to an ice cream pudding and a pavlova. I normally use Nigella's pavolva recipe, but I went with Jamie this time after eating a delicious offering from this recipe. It was pretty damn good. The unsugared egg whites are beaten until stiff and then the sugar is added gradually, but not a painstaking teaspoonful-at-a-time like Nigella suggests. The egg whites and sugars are then beat for between 6 and 10 minutes until the sugar is dissolved. It only took an hour to cook and doesn't have to cool in the oven - bliss for when you have left things a bit late and don't have time to let it sit in the oven. It is also the most wonderful texture, the perfect balance of soft and crunchy. Wonderful. I decorated it with mango and passionfruit, though it would have benefited from strawberries or raspberries, but I couldn't justify paying for the strawberries and I forgot to get frozen raspberries. But with vanilla cream, it was lovely.

In other, non-baking, news, I am reunited with Mr A tomorrow. It is only for 3 weeks, but it is better than nothing after what has been a long 11 months! We are heading to Adelaide then Melbourne and home via Berridale (wherever that is). Hopefully it will all go well and be lovely.

In thesis news, well, perhaps we shouldn't talk about that.



Foodycat said...

Gorgeous pav! I'll have to try that one - I'm not a good pavlova maker.

Have a lovely holiday with Mr A.

HH said...

Thanks FC! It was from the 'Cook' book, but he uses 50g caster sugar for each eggwhite, a pinch of salt and 160c (I think). No vinegar, no cream of tartar, which I think I like.

jacquelineb said...

Looks really tasty! Am also so pleased you and Mr A are getting to see each other again. Have fun!

HH said...

Thanks Jacqui - I will do my best! :)

mscrankypants said...

I've never made a pavlova, and I may not because I might ask Fat Couriers to steal a piece from your fridge :-).

Have a wonderful time with Mr A. I know the distance can be distressing, but your hearts will be divinely fond of each other.