Monday, August 11, 2008

There is no use in these tears; they can do no good

It is two weeks tomorrow until I leave for the UK and while I am looking forward to seeing friends and relations and seeing a bit more of the UK, I am still in two teary minds about the whole thing. I am not sure what is wrong with me, perhaps it is a malfunction of my tear ducts but if I don't stop tearing up every five minutes for no real reason (thinking about going, adds for soppy TV shows, the Olympics, the paper, Jane Eyre, cream that goes off on the day I get the picture) I am going to scream!!

Last week I met with a prominent Historian in my field, she was over from America possibly seeking a job at my uni, but I had a chat with her which was very helpful and then listened to what she termed her 'job talk'. It is always good getting other people's perspectives, though I think I may have come across as a vague idiot. Today a chapter of mine is the one of two papers being discussed at our Post grad seminar, I am extremely apprehensive about this and only wish I could have baked something to distract the class from actually speaking about the paper, and have found it is harder for people to be mean to you when you have baked them something delicious!

In baking news, have made more of Nigella's super chocolate cookies from Nigella Express with half in the freezer for another time. More delicious and delicate however were her Pistachio Macaroons from Domestic Goddess, why I haven't made them before I do not know! They were amazing with a strong, though not over powering pistachio flavour. They were sandwiched with pistachio butter cream and with the left over I am thinking I might make some rose water cupcakes and ice/fill them with this lovely green butter cream.



brensoft said...

*HUGS* Don't worry your not the only one - those bloody olympic ads will get you EVERY TIME!! It's ridiculous tearing up every time a Coles/Qantas/Westpac ad comes on... RIDICULOUS!!!

HH said...

*hugs* thanks...*sniffle* oh no there I go again!

mscrankypants said...

Watch out for Fat Couriers stealing your macaroons next time you wipe your eyes ;-). Lots happening, no wonder you're all over the place *hugs*.

SSS said...

Good lord, woman. Pull yourself together!!!!! You are going on an awfully big adventure!!!!! Channel Miss Elizabeth Bennet and stiffen that upper lip!

You will have the most wonderful time. You will see beautiful sights. You will meet interesting people. You can go to Marks and Spencers and experience the wonder of the Yum Yum.

Go forth and conquer!

Foodycat said...

They are so beautiful! I love a macaroon and they are magnificent!

We will have exciting times in the UK. I promise! There will be food and books and everything nice.

HH said...

Thanks all. Yes SSS, must toughen the f**k up! I will have a good time, and do look forward to food, books and everything nice fc! Yes, toughen up!

Jacki said...

Hope the discussion goes well! Crying is not the end of the world- you are probably just feeling a bit overwhelmed with trying to organise everything. Some time (and a few drinks) on the plane will help to sort that out!