Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"I feel a strong persuasion, this morning, that I shall soon be abroad"

I have booked my tickets for travelling to the UK!! I leave in less than a month and will be there until the end of January. I am half apprehension, half excitement, I hope all goes well as a lot rides on the trips success. I had been putting off booking the tickets and thinking about the trip for weeks, but now I have bitten the bullet, I hope it will be alright. I will miss Christmas and my birthday as well as an Opera and two plays. Though I will spend it with my Nana, I am particularly sad about Christmas, as I have really gotten into it the cooking side of things, and will miss baking and cooking all the Christmas food. On the upside, my cousin has offered to take me to the Lake District for four days which is very exciting! I will have to take appropriate reading material. Now if only I had previously met, been proposed to and rejected a wealthy member of the gentry so that I could fall in love with them and subsequently marry them, the trip would be even more exciting!

In baking news, I made Mars bar chocolate Crackles yesterday and the lightest scones I have ever tasted today. The crackles were from the woman's weekly cupcake book and the scones from Domestic Goddess. I followed Nigella's suggestion and ate them with cream and treacle and was overwhelmed by how good that tasted!!



megan said...

Forget the opera! Squeeeeeee! (and you still have time to refuse a proposal from a man with 10,000 a year before you travel to the Lake District!)

HH said...

Hopefully there is still time megs! lol, though I hope the currency convertor is on and the 18th C 10 000 gets acurately converted!

mscrankypants said...

You don't do things by halves -- good for you for booking your trip! Have you suitable trunks, coach bags and hat boxes?

HH said...

Thanks MsC! It is all coming on very quickly!!
I shall have to work on my travel accessories, but for now I have a nice red wheelie bag which though not 18th C is very good!

Jacki said...

Hooray for travel! The lakes district is so lovely (even without a thwarted proposal to ponder).

Your treats look delicious (although I originally read it as if you had eaten the mars crackles with cream and treacle- which seemed a bit much!)

HH said...

lol, yes that possibly would be too much, though last time we had them our friend insisted on eating them dipped in bailey's dip which she insisted was delcious!