Sunday, July 6, 2008

the obstinacy which could resist such arguments as these

Production levels here are still remarkably low much to my disgust, though I seem to be able to fit in everything else, other than my thesis! Not the way it should be and I will seek to address that soon.

I had a meeting with my associate supervisor, now main supervisor, and he put me on the spot by asking me straight out, what my argument was! However I managed to rally and told him something about how family was an important, guiding force that was competing with patriotism and the nation. He was quite pleased with that, and pronounced it to be an argument, and more importantly not mad!! He is quite young, though already slightly jaded with the system which leads him to have interesting insights into the whole research progress. He said new ideas or arguments are either wrong, potentially right and will shake things up, or completely mad. Mine, thankfully he feels falls in the middle category. Excellent, I am one up on the week!

In other unrelated news, I went to the Swans match last night which was rubbish! Poor effort from the red and the white I must say.

Also I am watching North and South today, so in honour of that and Mr Thornton's long association with Lint Intense Orange Chocolate (now Orange Intense) I made some 'Intense Orange' Chocolate Shortbread for the occasion.



Foodycat said...

I really don't like chocolate and orange together - but I am prepared to make an exception for those! Gorgeous shapes too!

mscrankypants said...

I love chocolate, I love orange, I love Thornton, I love shortbread -- I am feeling the love :-).

And great news about the positive feedback! Please keep us updated.

HH said...

Thanks! :) The orange was subtle but could still taste it.(They really taste like Intense Orange Chocolate) I love the shapes, they are from the stockist Nigella uses and mentions in Feast.

I love all those things too MsC! :) There was a lot of Thornton love to go with the biscuits.

I will keep you posted about my work, though will probably bore you all to death! I must do some tomorrow!

Jacki said...

They look delightful! You and Thornton could have some lingering hand-touching moments as you handed him a teacup shaped one!!
Glad to hear you have an argument that is not mad! Well done!

Megs said...

I can only add what I have said elsewhere...v. jealous and I want! I want! (chocolate, shortbread and Thorntony goodness!)

HH said...

It is a shame that FatCouriers are so unreliable. The next trollop get together we have I will make some :)

brensoft said...
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brensoft said...

Ark! Not entirely sure why how I deleted that last post!! Anyways, I agree those chocolate biscuits were winners (unlike the swans... and Ralphie the Loser Bear!)