Sunday, March 22, 2009

"With unpardonable arrogance"

I think one thing I hate is arrogance, particularly unfounded arrogance stemmed from ignorance and a big ego. (Possibly small other things, but I won't make assumptions or lower the tone of the blog.) I attended a workshop on Thursday, which whilst I got some constructive feedback, one of the other participants got on my nerves so much that everything seemed beyond saving, and I was ready to un-enroll at the end of the session!! He felt it was his place, without knowing anything about my topic, to give me very direct criticism, and tell me what I should be doing and reading, without any evidence that the historiography he suggested even existed. He also interrupted others giving genuine advice to point out typos. He also said "Yadda, Yadda, Yadda", a lot, as part of making an argument. Where was he from, 1993? I really was livid, I think I could have rivalled mscrankypants and SSS with my level of ranting about the general fuckwittage of this fellow.

I am over it now, but as I had been feeling so good about things on Wednesday, I think what I could normally brush off hit me a lot harder. My armour was down. This has, in turn lead to much procrastination and a total lack of motivation. I am trying to rectify this now, though blogging perhaps is not the best way to show that I am working hard.

Neither is baking....but we had some bananas...and choc-chips, what is a girl to do? I made some chocolate-chip and banana muffins, from Speedy Nigella's Butterscotch and Banana muffins, which are very good. Moist, chocolaty, not too much banana, and good for you as they have fruit in them!



Foodycat said...

What a dick! He doesn't even deserve your scorn he is so far beneath you. Gorgeous muffins.

HH said...

Thanks FC! You are right, I shall be totally indifferent to him, which we all know is so much worse than hate!

Jacki said...

Just ignore him HH. It is very easy to be "the critic" with no actual knowledge of a topic. Ask him to cite his reference for "yada yada yada". Muffins look wonderful!

HH said...

Lol! Thanks Jacki, will do!! I have since had an email from my supervisor that said she heard from my associate that some of the comments were "silly" and not to take them on board. I wonder who they could mean?