Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"I really cannot be plaguing myself for ever with all the new poems"

After watching some Doctor Who on the weekend, I realised that I am missing and will continue to miss Doctor Who this year, I am not sure that the five specials will be enough. The next one airs at Easter I believe, so hopefully we will get it here not long after.

Whilst I was in Ireland, my sister asked me to help her with an English assignment in which she had to write poetry. After writing a very tortured one on Jane Austen that Virgina Woolf would have liked, I was told to write one a 15 year old would write (yes I was doing my sister's homework!)Oh and it had to be on culture. (I think my sister had already written an ode to her ipod) So, I picked, the culture of Doctor Who. I thought I would share it with you, even though you will all laugh, and probably will stop talking to me as a result.

Anyway, enjoy, my poem,

"On Watching Doctor Who"

As evening draws in
And the TV flickers,
The Doctor dances
And the villain snickers.

Eagerly awaiting,
The sound that we love,
The Doctor is coming,
Up there, from above!

The sofa is pulled out,
Away from the wall
For when the Daleks attack,
It will defend one and all!

The Doctor appears,
Flashes a cheeky grin,
With me by his side,
He is certain to win.

For a moment I think,
It is me in his box,
Fighting aliens and monsters,
Not wearing bed socks.

As the theme song sounds,
And rings out Wohooo,
I know I am dreaming,
I know its not true.

The Daleks attack,
The Cybermen too,
I can’t wait until next week,
I love Doctor Who!

(an embarrassed, slightly nerdy) HH


Foodycat said...

There was a Dalek in my dream last night, I only just remembered. Not a scary one though.

The Nepal Crew said...

I can't believe your doing your sisters homework! haha.

Ps. New Blog - check it out! :)