Friday, April 10, 2009

"I have sometimes thought of going to London again after Easter"

The last few weeks have been somewhat crazy. Tutoring and marking have somewhat consumed my life, and my PhD has gone by the wayside. Tutoring itself is going really well, marking I hate and am now anxiously awaiting the avalanche of complaints. Mr A is good, though still in England, and it is a bit of a downer being apart, especially for the long weekend when we are both doing nothing in particular. I am secretly wondering if I need another research trip, I am sure I could pitch it legitimately to the uni and my supervisor...maybe....

I hope over the coming week to get back to my own work and have some down time, which I seriously need. Today I made a good start on that, by watching several more episodes of Buffy! (Phwoar, urst, angst!) I also made some hot cross buns, from Nigella Feast. I am tempted to make them again and let them rise in the fridge overnight as she suggests as they could be more tender. Though infusing the milk with spices before adding it to the dry ingredients and ground spices, awesome. I didn't pay much attention to presentation so they are a little ugly, but really, it is what is on the inside that counts. (Sorry that there are two missing from the picture, they smelt so good we couldn't wait!)

I hope everyone has a good Easter, or long weekend, which ever takes your fancy.



Foodycat said...

They do look good - I am in the process of making some as well.

Do come over again!

We're up to the last few episodes of Buffy S3. Last night we watched the prom episode where Angel breaks up with Buffy and I sobbed.

mscrankypants said...

Beauty isn't always in perfection but in home-baked love -- they're gorgeous.

I hope you get another research trip!

HH said...

FC- Thanks! I would love to come over again, though if all goes to plan we can do lunch more regularly! I only have two or three episodes of season 2 to go. I just watched the one where Angel kills Jenny, my heart almost broke for Giles, and when he started crying in Buffy's arms. argh!

Ms C- yes, the love makes them look better. I hope I do too, or at least a conference.